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Now Let’s talk about personal coaching to help you achieve your results. A mind body tech is a special kind of coach who can help you do that. Someone who has been through that fire. Someone who is committed – just like you – to your success. Someone who can help you pave a steady course but also support you in times of struggle in the work.
For sure I am the authoritative voice on mind body healing
Someone geared to you and your personal condition
Assisting you with personalized visualizations and work-out plans
Someone who knows you can do it
Someone to push you
Someone who’s been there and done it rather than someone who’s read about it in a book

Kel Rae consciousness researcher, mediation teacher, speaker, Mind Body Tech (specialized health coach), former athlete, and Amazon author of, How to Heal Your Body Using Your Mind. Kel Rae has been using mind body techniques since the early nineties to rapidly to restore the body to its natural state of being. She has healed all sorts of maladies and specializes in mobility issues, and premature aging. Her system works well with existing physical therapy programs, pre-existing training programs, and group activity plans. Today her coaching practice serves a global client base of athletes (and former athletes) that seek to win control over their body when it comes to achieving positive results swiftly.

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