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Healing with Mind

The​​ Coaching​​ Program​​ Welcome Pack





Welcome to Kel Rae’s Healing with Mind Coaching Program!​​ I am looking forward to​​ assisting​​ you​​ in​​ achieving​​ your​​ health​​ goals and​​ want to​​ see you succeed! I have created this Welcome​​ Pack for you to outline the main process of the​​ Coaching​​ Program​​ going forward.



Your Coaching​​ Session Flow


After submitting payment, you will schedule your first appointment​​ online. Then you​​ will download and​​ fill out​​ the​​ Mind Body​​ Questionnaire. After completing​​ the Mind Body Questionnaire​​ please submit to​​​​ at least 48 hours before your first session​​ or your session will be cancelled and you will need to reschedule with your coach.​​ 


The program is a group of 4 sessions​​ that total 240 minutes​​ (or​​ however​​ you and your coach​​ split your minutes up).​​ After your first session each sequential​​ coaching session​​ will require​​ you​​ to​​ complete a​​ Pre-Coaching​​ Form​​ which​​ will outline the main issues you want to resolve during your session.​​ The​​ Pre-Coaching form​​ must be sent to me​​ at least 24-hours before the next session.​​ 

*If you’re not sure about​​ any of the forms -​​ don’t sweat it, we’ll figure it out together, but at least give it a try​​ because I have found that using these forms really help clients isolate and identify specific health issues.


Our sessions together​​ will either be face to face or through Skype/ Zoom and scheduled for​​ one​​ hour​​ (unless otherwise determined).​​ Your coach will send you a link to the session through email.​​ I have used the video calling services of Skype and Zoom for many years and​​ found them to be​​ highly effective​​ for these​​ sessions.​​ After your initial meeting you​​ have a further 3 subsequent meetings which will be scheduled for 1hour​​ each to​​ total 4hrs.​​ 


The basis of this​​ coaching is one where​​ strategy and action plans​​ are agreed and set, and where​​ accountability​​ is key. During your coaching session you will be given set tasks by your coach to facilitate to reach your ultimate​​ goals and​​ objectives. You will find that during the sessions you will fully engage and be excited about accessing new ways of getting​​ physical​​ results. Therefore, the frequency of your meetings will be agreed upon with your coach during each session based on the time that you need to undertake the tasks agreed​​ upon. I accept that at some points of the year, there will be times where Family and holidays interrupt the flow, so, as long as we allow for these times​​ accordingly,​​ we should do well.​​ 


In the case where you have a major interruption, you have up to​​ two​​ years to undertake all your sessions, where we can postpone/delay until you are able to focus again.






During​​ a​​ coaching session you are required to take minutes and after the meeting condense these down to either bullet points, short sentences​​ the set​​ task and action that you are going to take. Following the session, you must write up​​ these​​ minutes and action plan in the​​ Post-Coaching​​ Form​​ and email them to me as an attached .doc or PDF file (not as text in an email), ideally immediately following the session, so that you are clear in your own mind what you need to do.


At least one full day prior to the agreed next meeting, I will expect to receive​​ this​​ update illustrating what tasks you have completed, what successes you have achieved, and what learnings and discoveries you made as part of your research and tasks.​​ I​​ will review your progress in readiness for your next session. Your time, and my time, is valuable, therefore I want to make each session as productive as possible for you.​​ 



It is my policy not to hold a scheduled session​​ until​​ the relevant forms​​ and any supporting documentation have​​ been received​​ as​​ I need to prepare for your session. This​​ also ensures that your upcoming session isn’t taken up by going over what can be covered in your​​ Pre-Coaching​​ Form. This paperwork also​​ makes both you and I accountable. These forms are also added to my CRM system for review. As you can imagine I have a large number of clients and the need to keep the minutes and action plans simple, clear and precise helps me when I review cases.



It is a requirement of the coaching program that you maintain contact with​​ me​​ via email ONLY. We live in an age of multiple technologies and ever-expanding ways​​ to communicate with each other (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Text messaging services etc.), and I find that if I receive a multitude of messages via various media​​ apps​​ it becomes confusing and could lead to delays in me responding. Therefore, I am specific that you use only email to contact me.​​ Other than​​ keeping things simple, using email helps keep a recordable chain of communication.


If you send me an email seeking clarification or advice I will respond in a timely manner, however, if your request requires a lengthy response, I would suggest that you schedule an interim coaching session with me where I will be able to cover your query thoroughly.


Successful Clients

I have come to recognise​​ certain​​ characteristics of clients that serve as accurate predictors to their success in achieving their goals. I share these with you​​ now​​ so that you too can become predictably successful.


Successful clients…


  • Schedule their sessions frequently (definitely​​ LESS​​ than a month between sessions.)


  • Take full responsibility for their learning and achieving their goals.


  • Have clear goals about what they want,​​ and the time frame they will achieve them​​ 


  • Avoid distractions and interferences to achieving their goals.


  • Complete the minutes and accountability paperwork as requested.


  • Take notes and refer to them.


  • Meet their assignment and accountability deadlines.


  • Don’t procrastinate​​ ​​ they​​ take action!


You should be aware that this is a coaching​​ program,​​ and my aim is to share with you my expertise.​​ As any​​ coaches will say,​​ ‘I teach you to swim, I don’t swim for you’.




This first session is vital to the success of your coaching, as it is here that I lay the foundations of what you are working towards in your process of healing. I will be familiar with your current situation​​ by​​ having analysed your​​ questionnaire​​ prior to the first session. During this session you can expect to thoroughly discuss your current situation. This session will see you set strategic goals and strategies. You will walk away from this session knowing exactly what you are working towards and you will have a clearly defined path.





Coaching at Healing with Mind helps guide you towards your​​ health​​ goals, getting you there faster with less​​ mistakes and an element of certainty.​​ I​​ have vast experience in​​ directing the mind​​ and I provide​​ well-structured training.​​ The​​ only thing that​​ will prevent you​​ from​​ becoming part of​​ my​​ success story is if you do not complete your action(s) and​​ procrastinate, which I do not think will be the case with you.


It is imperative​​ that​​ you realise that I cannot hand you​​ good health​​ out of the box, and it is just as important​​ that​​ you realise that​​ Health​​ Coaching is​​ NOT​​ an “instant healing scheme”.​​ What​​ I am,​​ and what you have purchased,​​ is​​ the best chance to get yourself from where you are to become the​​ healthy individual​​ you want to be by utilising​​ my​​ system, experience, and guidance.


I cannot force you to work toward your goals, I also cannot force you to take action on our agreed action plans,​​ yet​​ what I can do is be honest with you and tell you the secrets​​ to my success! Yes, you read that correctly, I am happy to give you​​ -​​ my newest client​​ -​​ access to my​​ biggest​​ secret formula to being​​ successful:





It seems very simple to say it,​​ but​​ (and this is from my own personal experience) I worked hard to become successful​​ in healing myself.​​ NO-ONE​​ handed me anything.​​ I worked​​ diligently​​ to recover completely! So if you purchased the coaching thinking this is going to be a walk in the park you are mistaken,​​ I​​ will give you the tools, but​​ it is​​ only through your hard work​​ that you will​​ be able to carve your own path and build your own success story. I​​ know​​ you possess the ingredients required and this means​​ I am​​ confident​​ that I​​ can help you, but to hold yourself accountable for your own actions is​​ necessary.


If you have any questions, please let​​ me​​ know and​​ I​​ will be happy to help.​​ I realise this is a lengthy note, however, I feel that it is better to fully inform you at the outset so that we can have a successful relationship​​ that​​ assists​​ you​​ to​​ fully achieve​​ your health goals.


Kind Regards,


Kel Rae







© Copyright​​ Kel Rae​​ 2018​​ –All Rights Reserved








© Copyright Kel Rae 2018 – All Rights Reserved