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What is Healing with Mind?

Disorder in the body is created by the mind and revealed through the body. The mind has the power to cause massive destruction if issues are not addressed and released through aggressive mental and body work.  Working with the mind consists of focus, mental techniques, visualizations and corresponding physical exercises that create very specific adjustments and contain a level of congruency between one another which can include lifestyle changes as well – all which ultimately feed the spirit and fuel change radically! Anyone can benefit from this practice, including medical health workers, acupuncturists, nursing assistants, complementary health workers, aromatherapists, homeopaths, mental health professionals, charity workers, care givers, social workers, medical assistants, probation, prison service officers, counsellors, human services workers, nurse practitioners, community support workers, massage therapists, physical therapists, reflexologists, reiki healers, spiritual healers, child care workers, psychologists, alcohol or drug abuse counsellors, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, shiatsu therapists, physicians, osteopaths, licensed practical nurses, yoga teachers, chiropractors, community outreach workers, clinical social workers, psychotherapists, polarity therapists, dentists, cranio-sacral therapists, school and college counsellors, zero balancers, speech pathologists, mental health technicians and lots more!

Healing with Mind

Kel Rae is a Consciousness Teacher

Kel Rae consciousness researcher & Teacher, mediation teacher, speaker, Mind Body Tech (specialized health coach), former athlete, and the AMAZON author of, How to Heal Your Body Using Your Mind!

Kel Rae has been using mind body techniques since the early nineties to rapidly to restore the body to its natural state of being. She has healed all sorts of maladies and specializes in mobility issues, and premature aging. Her system works well with existing physical therapy programs, pre-existing training programs, and group activity plans.

Today her coaching practice serves a global client base of athletes (and former athletes) that seek to win control over their body when it comes to achieving positive and accurate results swiftly.
Suffering from sports injury? Tired of prescriptions? Do you want to avoid surgery? Do you dread going to medical clinics? Are you afraid of a diagnosis from medical doctors? Or are you entirely out of options? I want you to know your cause is not hopeless. That there is a way – a powerful way to heal your body. This way works with any healing practice. A way that you have access to right now – THIS is the power of your own mind…


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