Advanced Vibrational Healing for Athletes!

Join Me in the Healing with Mind Training Session and Learn How to Heal Your Body by Focusing Your Mind.

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The athletes tool kit in resolving sports injuries faster and permanently! Resolve chronic pain and reoccurring injuries by using the techniques presented in this training session!

In This Training Session, You will Learn 13 Successfully Proven Formulas that Teach You To:

Bring your mind into believing in a specific physical experience to cause change!
Hold specific images “in mind” to create change
Adjust your imagination to create believable beliefs
How anger, sympathy and other emotions can positively fuel your target!
How surrendering to your condition can positively change it permanently
How certain archetypal behaviors can trigger immediate change
How organizing your training schedule can supercharge your healing!
Create specific vibrations to specifically heal your illness
Release your desires to allow belief to become
Why using your memory is a “no-brainer” in the vibrational world
What you specifically need to anchor belief
How feeding data to your mind in a specific way will allow for better absorption and stronger belief!
How physical pain is a friend and how it can be used to treat illness
How utilizing a unknown passive force can be a game-changer!
Lifetime membership to private Facebook group for ongoing support!

Join the many who have successfully trained their mind for healing success by clicking the link below!

Kel Rae consciousness researcher, mediation teacher, speaker, Mind Body Tech (specialized health coach), former athlete, and Amazon author of, How to Heal Your Body Using Your Mind. Kel Rae has been using mind body techniques since the early nineties to rapidly to restore the body to its natural state of being. She has healed all sorts of maladies and specializes in mobility issues, and premature aging. Her system works well with existing physical therapy programs, pre-existing training programs, and group activity plans. Today her coaching practice serves a global client base of athletes (and former athletes) that seek to win control over their body when it comes to achieving positive results swiftly. 

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