What if you only owned a few simple, comfortable, versatile pieces of clothing for your every day wear?

The result is less thinking, less laundry, less accumulation and more relaxation, centeredness, self-realization, and peace...sounds good right? Well, now you have it ~ presenting The Yoga Toga, for all of us, together.


The YogaToga is a light-weight garment primarily worn after yoga class or during meditation but it can be worn everywhere. A UNISEX design with ¾ arms and legs, & shoulders cut to fit all shapes, with an adjustable setting on pants.

Built for Comfort

YogaToga is constructed from breathable, and expandable eco-cotton providing a gentle texture that is light and airy and easy to care for. It’s wide arms and legs offer comfort and easy mobility.


Whether you’re doing yoga, working in the office, or even grocery shopping, you can be sure that your YogaToga will give you total flexibility in movement enhancing a feeling of freedom and generally make you feel good.
The YogaToga was designed by Samedhi expert, Master Kel Rae with specifications that will not constrict any part of your body, while allowing heat and humidity to escape, all during deep meditation and everyday living. This arable cotton is a 100% natural, eco-friendly fabric loomed in a Fair Trade factory that does not harm the earth or its atmosphere while helping families. All good for everyone.
Global Partnering to Create Healthy Families
The eco-fabric for your YogaToga was assembled and sewn in a Certified Fairtrade (WFTO environment) that has been supporting Indian women for over fifteen years leading and sustaining healthy and happy families.
Get real comfort with an eco-healthy Yoga Toga that foster the growth of healthy families on the planet while allowing your body not just comfort but breathable wear that allows real movement.

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Until we meet again ~ Namaste


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