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Coaching and Mentoring Program

Pre-Coaching​​ Session​​ Preparation


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Your Coach: ​​ ​​​​ Kel Rae ​​     Session​​ Number:​​ 

Coaching Preparation - Please complete this section​​ and send it to me a minimum of 24 hours​​ before our next session​​​​ as a word or pdf format.

  • What have you CREATED in your life since we last spoke in relation to your goals and homework? ​​ What have you ACHIEVED since​​ your last coaching session ​​ 




  • Did you meet all your EXPECTATIONS and achieve your outcomes from​​ your last session? ​​ If not, why?




  • Have you had any major CHALLENGES since​​ your last session? ​​ What were they?




  • What​​ specific​​ issue or subject​​ would you like to address at your next coaching session?​​ (in addition to reviewing your outcomes​​ & achievements)?




  • Right now, as you think about the answers to the questions above…what is the OUTCOME you want​​ from your​​ next Coaching Session? Be very specific.




Thanks for your feedback, now email this Session Preparation form over to me​​