We are understanding that what we do in our life is reflected into our bodies – both good and bad.

Finance affects the foundation of our physical lives, how we are paid for our services (to create a give-and-take effect) and it metaphysically connects to the foundational part of our body.

if we handle money poorly it can weaken the bladder and then the pelvic floor to the hip joints and so on…

the bladder is ruled by VENUS and we can combat dysfunction through specific exercises that target the bladder along with positive thoughts & affirmations that relate to finance to strengthen this part of our ‘being’.

Positive VENUS energy is also created through romance, and daily pleasure so be sure to assess these areas of your life as well to see if they need work or are missing altogether!

Overall, all parts of our body must circulate (orbit) cosmic energy at specific frequencies to unit the mind body and fuse the light body together to ultimately transcend into a higher realm of knowing